As a young adult, I was easily impressed by people who could weave their thoughts and emotions into poems. Like a child aspiring to be someone, I started posing as a poet – reciting poems to which I had no claim. As my sense of right and wrong deepened, I knew this foray into poetry, rooted in falsehood, would not last, so I started writing my very own poems. Though I drew pleasure in the exercise of writing them, I did not think much of my poems until two legendary poets, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and Syed Zameer Jaffrey, appreciated my work encouraged me to persevere and started coaching me. I once wrote a lullaby addressed to my daughters which moved a gentleman, with only sons, to say that never before had he wished so fervently for a daughter as he did when he heard the lullaby. Many such instances have given me confidence as a poet and I hope to continue on this journey. It gives me great pleasure that my poetry has been sung as well:

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