About Me


Hello! I am Asrar Ayyub.

Let’s get to know each other better because success is about meeting the right people!

Born to renowned educationist, Sardar Muhammad Ayyub Khan, I immersed myself in books for the most part of my childhood and as a young adult. Reading books, I have traversed centuries’ worth of history and ideology, compelling me to reflect on things around me. I have tried, with some success, to make sense of the world around me; to understand the purpose of life.

Earlier on, I mustered the courage to pen down my thoughts and emotions, in both prose and poetry, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my life as an author and poet. With seven published books to my credit, I may not be a prolific writer but I am told that I am a widely read and valued author. Those who read and appreciate my works do me a great honor. As a professional columnist, working with a leading Urdu newspaper of Pakistan, I spend my days blending powerful language and original thought to narrate the roots, the process and the repercussions of socio-economic and socio-political developments.

My professional profile is a mosaic. Impressive to some, baffling to others – it is what it is. Up close, the pieces may seem disjointed but from afar they all are part of a bigger picture and a greater cause – a reflection of my personality. Each piece – be it an academic pursuit or a professional engagement – is motivated by my personal motto to make things better, not just at an individual level but for society; not just for today but for tomorrow.

I started my career from “General Duty Pilot” branch of Pakistan Air Force and left it after getting suspended from flying. Since then as a Civil Service Officer; as Director Accountability Bureau; as Media Consultant to the Prime Minister; as the CEO of a startup; as a columnist; and, more recently, as a TV anchor & analyst, a Knowledge Management consultant and a Disaster Management theorist – I have braved un-chartered territory knowing well that I can make a difference.

My experiences, varied as they may be, have all enriched me, helping me develop as a person and as a professional; lending me a combination of skills and knowledge that sets me apart .

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