I was a columnist before I even knew it. I state this as a fact, not rhetoric. Years ago, the editor of the Urdu daily, Jammu and Kashmir, dedicated a series of columns to excerpts from my book “Quran KaDukh”. An avid reader of mine brought this to my attention. Enraged by the sheer nerve of the editor to print my work without my permission, I called him. Before I could launch into a tirade, I was caught off guard by what he said (translated in English), “You’re alive. We thought you were dead! It is indeed a great honor to finally talk to the author of this great book which I believe is much needed in this time and age.” Well that settled that.  He invited me to start writing regularly for his paper and within a few months I was writing for leading Urdu dailies.  It’s been a decade now as a columnist – 3 years for the Urdu daily Jinnah and 7 years for the Urdu daily Khabrain.

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